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Colorado Springs Hosting Tiny House Jamboree

The inaugural Tiny House Jamboree will take place next weekend in Colorado Springs, and organizers hope the event will provide a spark in the fringe small house movement. Outside Portland, the only market where tiny house living has caught on; tiny houses are still rather rare, and usually only grouped together in places where officials build them to shelter the homeless. The tiny living concept has been slow to spread, in part, because of who the people that are living on a smaller and more conscientious scale actually are. Tiny house dwellers typically avoid the ravenous mainstream and its consume like there's no tomorrow ways, so that many Americans have not even heard of tiny houses though the movement began well over a decade ago. There's even been television shows documenting tiny living, yet there has yet to be a sufficient surge in public interest to broaden the awareness of its advantages and disadvantages.

With more than 9,000 guests registered to attend, next week's Tiny House Jamboree should break a record for the world's largest-ever tiny house themed event. The timing of the event was not an accident, either, as it coincides with Colorado Springs' annual Parade of Homes. The popular event will introduce thousands of so-called normies to the concept. In attendance will be Jay Shafer, who sparked the tiny houses on wheels movement the early 2000s. There will also be dozens of tiny house builders and related companies at the conference, ready to answer questions and show visitors around. The event will take place Friday through Sunday at the Western Museum of Mining & Industry near I-25 and North Gate Blvd.

For more info on the 2015 Tiny House Jamboree, Click Here.

August 4, 2015

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