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Victims Identified from Tuesday Plane Crash in Colorado Springs

Relatives of a Texas couple spoke out on social media Monday night, revealing the identities of the two people killed in a small airplane crash in southeast Colorado Springs. The family of Michael and Paula Fritzel, a couple from Roanoke, Texas; came forward with their belief that the couple went down in the small plane near the intersection of Powers Blvd. And Airport Rd. Officials declined to confirm or deny the victims' identities, saying that information would be made public when autopsies are completed and family members have been identified. A spokesman for the National Traffic Safety Board, meanwhile, said it would take 10 months to a year for crash investigators to determine why the plane went down.

Tuesday's plane crash occurred at around 11 A.M. Tuesday morning, when a Cirrus SR22 went down in a field near Powers Blvd. Between Airport and Platte. Witnesses say they though the plane was performing a trick as it spiraled toward the ground, but it never pulled up, barreling into the Earth instead. The plane caught fire, which sparked a small grass fire that was quickly contained. Several witnesses tried to approach the plane, to see if they could save the victims, but the flames were too intense. The incident prompted officials at nearby Peterson Air Force Base to close the west gate, but it has since reopened.

November 11, 2015

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