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Springs Job Market Expected to Decline in First Quarter

The job market is expected to weaken in the first quarter in Colorado Springs, according to a report from the staffing company ManpowerGroup. According to the report, 18 percent of the city's employers are expecting to hire in the first three months of next year, while 7 percent expect to shed jobs. The difference between those two numbers, 11 in this case, is what Manpower calls the Net Employment Outlook (NEO). Colorado Springs' NEO of 11 is an improvement from its fourth-quarter NEO of 9, but well below the 16 the city put up in the first quarter of this year. The fourth-quarter number was a dropoff, meanwhile, from the city's third-quarter NEO, which marked an 8-year high for the city. Local business experts were not alarmed by Manpower's report, saying it would be more concerning if the decline were the result of massive layoffs.

December 8, 2015

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