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Shopping for a home is a very different experience for different people, bringing unique challenges depending on the home shopper's needs and desires. Some hunters may have their eyes set on a particular neighborhood, or school district. Others covet proximity, and views of, particular natural landmarks such as Pikes Peak or Garden of the Gods. For many, of course, price range is the ultimate factor, but different people have differing ideas on what they must have and what they can live without. Many people, when looking for a home, opt to narrow their search down considerably, at the onset of their search, by only looking at homes built by a specific builder. They might have owned a home from a certain builder, or fallen in love with one owned by a friend, but that builder's style really

clicked with them. It is for this kind of shopper that this page was created. Colorado Springs is home to scores of builders serving all different price levels, and many of their homes are on the market as existing homes as their original owners move up or move on. Please use the links below for more information on specific builders, and to browse the available inventory of homes built by them.

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